We understand you because we’ve been there

We’re operators.

Running a law firm is running a business. So when we work with small startups and entrepreneurs, we understand how immigration fits into your broader vision.

We’ve been on the inside.

We’ve handled immigration in-house, so we understand how larger companies think about immigration within the context of the business.

We’re immigrants.

We personally went through the immigration process, so the importance of it is not lost on us. We have successfully represented hundreds of clients.

Vanitha Patil

Founding Attorney

It takes a successful immigration strategy to thrive in America.

We’ve successfully represented hundreds of clients, from startups and other employers across IT, FinTech, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and more to investors, extraordinary ability individuals, family members and humanitarian applicants.

Part of our success comes from my own immigrant roots.

In the mid 2000s I immigrated, somewhat reluctantly actually, to the United States as a permanent resident with my husband and 6 year old daughter.
It wasn’t easy relocating, especially with a young child in tow, but it has been one of the best decisions of my life.

In 2007 I received my LLM from the University of Connecticut, but then actually moved back to India with my daughter. However, after a few months, we returned to the US and I began studying for the US bar while working as a paralegal.

I finally took the bar in 2009, and after a short stint in real estate and probate law, I plunged into immigration.

I worked in-house for a mid-size company for over a decade primarily managing their immigration work before starting Patil & Associates, LLC. During this time, I led immigration strategies and managed the company’s immigrant and non-immigrant caseload, along with labor and employment issues and contract negotiations.

Today, at Patil & Associates, LLC, I work with a team of highly dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do and can make your immigrant journey seamless. 

Reach out to us – let’s discuss your immigration questions.

Here are just some of our recent achievements:

  • Helped a sole proprietor to establish a new office in the United States
  • Represented several IT Services companies in the US employing anywhere from 50-500 employees.
  • Successfully filed an EB-5 Investor Visa
  • Successfully obtained Permanent Residency for a Tech Innovator in eCommerce
  • Successfully represented a Data Scientist as an Extraordinary Ability Alien
  • Successfully represented an Actuary as an Extraordinary Ability Alien
  • Successfully represented a Physiotherapist as an Extraordinary Ability Alien
  • Successfully represented a Yoga Instructor as an Extraordinary Ability Alien

Meet our team

Blake Harrison

Of Counsel
Attorney Harrison is the founder and president of Harrison Law Office. Through his extensive background in immigration law, Mr. Harrison has successfully represented hundreds of clients with various types of immigration cases, including investment, family, employment, humanitarian, and naturalization-based applications. Mr. Harrison earned his bachelor’s degree from the College of Business Administration at the University of Tennessee where he concentrated his studies in international business. After working for a Fortune 500 company, he obtained a Juris Doctor and a Master of Business Administration from West Virginia University and a Master of Laws focused in immigration law from Golden Gate University located in San Francisco, California. Mr. Harrison is an expert in an immigration law, in the recent years his focus has primarily been in EB-5 investment. He works exclusively on EB-5 cases for the firm.

Harshal Gosavi

West Coast Representative
Harshal graduated from University of Texas at Austin in 2014 with a Master’s of Law degree. She earned her Bachelor's degree from Shivaji University in 2006. Mrs. Gosavi is an attorney from India and is a skilled immigrant specialist with extensive experience in employment-based Immigrant and Non- immigrant visas. Mrs. Gosavi has nearly 7 years of experience and oversees immigration programs and assists foreign nationals with immigration procedures. Mrs. Gosavi is fluent in English, Hindi, and Marathi.

Nicole Clapper

Practice Manager
Nicole Clapper is a senior paralegal and an accomplished legal administrator with over a decade of experience in law firm environments. In addition to her role as senior paralegal, Nicole manages the administrative functions and helps the firm run smoothly and effectively. Nicole’s background is both comprehensive and specialized and leverages her experience to enhance Patil & Associates’ capabilities. Nicole is proficient in both family and employment-based immigration law cases, including Relative Petitions, Professional and Skilled Worker Petitions, Waivers, Professional Visas (H-1B, O, P), L1A & L1B, EB-5, Victims of Crime Visas, Domestic Abuse and Trafficking (U visa/VAWA/T visa), Religious Worker Visas, Change of Status and Extensions, DACA/TPS applications, and Naturalization applications. She also has vast experience and success in the areas of 601/601A/212 waivers and consular processing. From handling case preparation to communicating with clients, Nicole cares deeply about helping our clients achieve their immigration goals in the US. One of the most important things for Nicole is making sure our clients feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process as she is a child of an immigrant herself and understands the emotional aspect when applying for an immigration benefit.

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